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weight fail

I’ve tried everything I can think of to lose weight the healthy way, and I’m just gaining it. I’ve put myself on a 1300 calorie diet, have been exercising almost everyday and eating healthy not junk. I’ve cut out all meat, mainly because, I don’t like meat, and have been making sure to get all my protein. Eating salads with little italian dressing and putting kidney and garbonzo beans on it. Eating all the fruits I need, and drink only water. I’ve been tracking all of this for months and nothing is happening. I’ve tried diet pills too, and nothing at all. Not even one little pound. And sure I can say well maybe it muscle weight I’ve been gaining but, I should be losing fat too, and I’m not. I’m ready to just give up and do it the unhealthy way. Not eating, over-working out, puking after ever meal. To me it seems like the only way anybody loses weight anymore. Its sad to think that girls think they need to weight 110 pounds, when there 5’ 10. I don’t even want that, I would just like a nice 160-140. I think I’m physical unattractive, and that even know I have a boyfriend who loves me and calls me beautiful everyday, I still don’t understand, why he thinks that way. Its like the saying how can you happy if you can’t learn to love yourself. It’s making me depressed to be this way, Its making me think things I shouldn’t. But, what else can I do?

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